The Story Behind Mini Zines

Mini Zines

My son Carl has a podcast about DnD called The Dungeon Show and his guest last night was Hobbs from Hobbs and Friends. Turns out besides podcasts and youtubes Hobbs does a zine and it’s a print zine not a webzine but distributed over the internet as a pdf. So he can deliver them in person or at a convention or sell them as pdfs on Drive Through RPG.

Well, my gears got turning and I found this cool way to make a print zine from a single piece of paper printed on one side on wikibooks. I’ve got one completed, my story “Driven” from SFF Short Stories. I’m working on “I Dreamed That I Woke Up” and I have some other concepts circling around between my ears like a coloring book or a one off DnD quest.

I’ve got the “Driven” Mini Zine available as a pdf here.

Download “Driven”

It’s a free download and the story is CC BY. It’s a good story, moody with a special ending. Here’s the story on my website, SFF Short Stories.

Driven on SFF Short Stories

Mini Quests

Darker Dungeons is a role playing system similar to old school Dungeons and Dragons. Some of the material in Darker Dungeons borrows from an Open Game Licensed commercial product. The rest is public domain. So all of the material created by Gurbintroll Games is public domain while the stuff from an open licensed Dungeons and Dragons retain the OGL.

It is also a complete system in one volume, no separate Monster Manuals or Weapons Compendiums.

So Darker Dungeons is a good source for my Mini Quests. Everything in it is reusable.

The pdf is available on the Wayback Machine.

Darker Dungeons PDF

There are now three Mini Zines that make up the “Caves Of Doom” Mini Quest, “Milyagon”, “Caves Of Doom - DM”, and “Caves Of Doom - Monsters, Traps and Treasure”. They are also available for free download.

Download “Caves Of Doom”

This story is modified from two posts on my MixRemix blog.

Mini Zines

Darker Dungeons and my Mini Quests

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