Blue Goose August 12, 2021

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Ten choruses of a 32 bar modal blues.

Head once in and out.

Play the head with the piano, sit out, or best of all enhance the head with harmonies or background parts.

Suggested piano solos on choruses 3, 6, and 8.

Sit out piano solos, play background parts, or turn into a duet.

All other choruses, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 9 are for your solos.

Download here. First choose date, then song. The mp4s are as rendered by Openshot with no additional compression.

Charts here. Choose by song. Pick either PDF for parts or Finale files for the score.

Install iRealpro songs from here. Instructions at the link.

Collaborate With Hairy Larry

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This blog will contain links to songs suggested for collaboration as well as scripts to guide the collaboration. The scripts will be suggestions only but are designed to save time for collaborators who may want to use these songs as backing tracks on their twitch stream, Youtube video, etc.

If you are on twitch you can show me picture in picture. If you can place me on the left side of your screen you can push my chat box off screen to the left to avoid confusion with your ongoing chat.

If you want to place yourself picture in picture in my video I recommend the upper left corner to get the largest picture in picture possible without covering me, my piano, or the iRealpro screen.

Still all these decisions are up to you, you can even make a video where I'm full screen during my solos, you're full screen during your solos, and we're both onscreen during the head.

Here are some resources on the HairyLarryLand website that you may find helpful.

HairyLarryLand Nextcloud All files available for download sorted by performance date.

HairyLarryLand Charts

HairyLarryLand iRealpro Songs