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From The Archive May 9, 2021 – Rob Alley Trio – “So What” | Something Blue
Posted on Tuesday May 11, 2021

Thanks Marty, this week on From The Archives we’ve got a jazz standard recorded at the Craighead Forest Bandshell.

Rob Alley taught at ASU and I recorded him several times at The Edge Coffeehouse so I was thrilled when I was able to book him to play at the bandshell on June 21, 2009. Playing with Rob Alley was David Eckert on bass and Mike Overall, drums. The audience loved their set of jazz standards. I will be playing more from this show on Something Blue this week.

For From The Archives I picked one of the most famous songs in jazz history. a Miles Davis composition from “Kind Of Blue”, here’s the Rob Alley Trio playing “So What”.

From The Archive April 25, 2021 – Blind Mississippi Morris – “You Know I Like That” | Something Blue
Posted on Monday April 26, 2021

Thanks Marty, this week on From The Archives we got the real blues.

Blind Mississippi Morris came from a musical family, cousin to Willie Dixon and also cousin to Robert and Mary Diggs who led the Memphis Sheiks. Bluzharp magazine named him as one of the 10 best harmonic players in the world.

So I was lucky to be able to record him at a KASU Blue Monday held in Paragould, Arkansas, on May 16, 2011. He was joined by his regular accompanist, Brad Webb on guitar and kick drum. And that’s our Arkansas tie for Blind Mississippi Morris. Born in Clarksdale, Mississippi, he made Memphis his home, both across the river from Arkansas. But he would still come to Arkansas to play and I will never forget his performance at Blue Monday ten years ago.

Here’s Blind Mississippi Morris now singing “You Know I Like That”.


From The Archive April 11, 2021 – The Mudcats – “Guitar Blues” | Something Blue
Posted on Monday April 12, 2021

Thanks Marty, this week on From The Archives we’re featuring some blues recorded at Blues Fest.

The Mudcats were the Blues Fest House Band. We had a band call in sick so I gathered some musicians from the audience and told everyone we were The Mudcats. After hosting the jam set and filling in again people started asking when The Mudcats were going to play. So we ended up on the schedule.

The core group was George Hinds, bass; Randy Gambill, drums, and I was on guitar. We always had guests and on September 2, 2007, we had Scott Mathis on lead guitar. Which was appropriate because the song we’re going to hear is “Guitar Blues”.

Now here are The Mudcats playing a song I wrote called “Guitar Blues”.


From The Archive April 4, 2021 – Caprice – “Papa Samba” | Something Blue
Posted on Monday April 05, 2021

Thanks Marty, this week on From The Archives we’re featuring more jazz recorded right here in Jonesboro.

Caprice was a student band at ASU and I had been recording their recitals. When they decided to record an album they asked me and I was very excited to record these great songwriters and musicians. After all the work they had put into developing their band sound it was important to me to get their songs down before Tim Moore and Brandon Moore left ASU to continue their jazz education at North Texas State.

Playing in Caprice were Tim Moore, piano; Brandon Moore, sax; Alex Ditto, guitar; Matt Bounds, bass; and Addison Boling, drums.

Here they are now playing a Brandon Moore composition, “Papa Samba”.

From The Archive March 28, 2021 – Jazz Alliance – “12 Bar Bruise” | Something Blue
Posted on Sunday March 28, 2021

I was enjoying a Jazz Alliance performance at The Edge Coffeehouse after I retired and on break I was talking to Janie Overall who told me that at ASU the state pays the tuition for senior citizens, 60 or over. So I can say that it was Jazz Alliance that brought me back to ASU where I took Percussion lessons from Craig Collison and Jazz Improv from Ron Horton. Soon after that I resumed my composition studies and resumed hosting Something Blue at KASU.

Ron Horton wrote some great songs and I began recording their live performances collecting the tracks that ended up on their “Partly Cloudy” CD. Playing on the CD are Ron Horton, trumpet; Craig Collison, vibes; David Eckert, bass; and Mike Overall, drums. They helped me start the KASU Jazz Thursday concerts and also played at Bebopalooza! Their personnel have strong connections to ASU and the public library.

They were a great band and I have featured them many times on Something Blue, mostly playing jazz standards recorded at public performances. This week I am featuring originals written by Ron Horton. Here’s Jazz Alliance now playing “12 Bar Bruise”.

From The Archive March 21, 2021 – Delta Legends – “These Blues” | Something Blue
Posted on Monday March 22, 2021

Thanks Marty, this week on From The Archives we’re featuring some blues guitar from Delta Legends.

On June 10, 2018, I took a drive down to John Shepherd’s studio to record with Delta Legends. John Shepherd and Jeremy Burnett are both from Wynne and I live outside of Brookland. We recorded several songs and three of them are featured on our CD, “Two Woman Blues”. At the session John played guitar, Jeremy was on harp, and I’m on the bass. We all sing.

John is a virtuoso electric blues guitarist who plays especially well on slow blues standards like “Red House” and “Last Night”. One of the songs we recorded that day is a John Shepherd original called “These Blues”. John wrote it, John sings it, and John’s on guitar. Here’s Delta Legends now playing “These Blues”.


From The Archive February 21, 2021 – Rob Alley – “A Foggy Day” | Something Blue
Posted on Monday February 22, 2021

Thanks Marty, I just love playing some great jazz on Arkansas Roots.

I met Rob Alley when he was on the music faculty at ASU. He played jazz trumpet and was very helpful to jazz students letting them sit in when he played at The Edge Coffeehouse. I invited him to play at the Craighead Forest Bandshell on June 21, 2009, and he put together a great band with Mike Overall on drums and Dave Eckert on bass. Mike was editor at the Jonesboro Sun and Dave is currently on the faculty at ASU teaching jazz bass and he’s the head librarian at the Public Library where we do our New Jazz In Jonesboro shows.

Ok now, here’s the Rob Alley Trio recorded on June 21, 2009, at the Craighead Forest Bandshell playing “A Foggy Day”.

From The Archive February 14, 2021 – Reba Russell – “At Last” – Hairy Larry Rocks
Posted on Sunday February 14, 2021

Reba Russell was definitely a favorite with the Bluesday Tuesday audience and one of my favorites as well. When she was booked for November 13, 2012, she was glad to come and play but she wanted someone on sound so I got recruited. I ran my recording deck and the mix board which isn’t as hard as it sounds when the band is as good as the Reba Russell Band.

They played great and I got many good recordings. I’m playing some fantastic contemporary R&B on Something Blue this Saturday so I picked “At Last”, the Etta James classic. A great song and a great performance from Reba Russell, here she is now singing “At Last”.

From The Archive February 7, 2021 – John Spencer – “ Road To Brigadoon” – Hairy Larry Rocks
Posted on Sunday February 07, 2021

Thanks Marty, It’s great to be here on Arkansas Roots sharing songs from the archives of Something Blue.

I met John Spencer at Blues Fest and it wasn’t long before we had John and Tommy, The Spencer Brothers, on stage. John came to me with some songs that he and Tom Turner wrote, Tom was the lyricist and John put them to music. John is a regular at KASU events, both playing and in the audience and Tom Turner was raised at Burnt Hill, just down the road from me.

From The Archive January 24, 2021 – Bob Sloan – “Stella By Starlight” and “My Funny Valentine” – Hairy Larry Rocks
Posted on Sunday January 24, 2021

Thanks Marty, this week I’m featuring a Jonesboro pianist playing a short medley.

On February 23, 2012, I booked Bob Sloan to play at Jazz Thursday at TheArts@311. Bob was a very talented musician and he related well to the audience from on stage. Near the end of his set he played this medley of two of my favorite songs, “Stella By Starlight” and “My Funny Valentine”.

I met him at Blues Alley in Jonesboro where he would occasionally come and volunteer a short set of jazz piano. I’ve played with him and presented him but unfortunately I only got to work with him a few more times before he passed on.

Now here’s Bob Sloan playing “Stella By Starlight” and “My Funny Valentine”.